The Team

We take our work seriously, but always have fun along the way. It’s our team spirit and personality that drives and inspires our success.

  • Michael Barrie Development Manager and Senior Architect
  • Gary Channon
    Gary Channon Non Executive Director
  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins Chairman and Chief Executive
  • Oona Collins
    Oona Collins Non Executive Director
  • Maria De Moura
    Maria De Moura PA
  • Sergio Devas
    Sergio Devas Facilities Manager
  • Lorraine Dunleavy
    Lorraine Dunleavey Finance Assistant
  • Richard Hazel
    Richard Hazell Principal Architect
  • Scarlett Knights
    Scarlett Knights Land Acquisition
  • Jacqui Macqueen
    Jacqui Macqueen Design Director
  • Michael O’Connell Non Executive Director
  • Martin Shipley
    Martin Shipley Finance Director